It’s Spring…Renew, Refresh, and Look Forward!


Spring is finally here!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Bretagne, France where Spring had just arrived. The flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun didn’t set until 9pm. The air was fresh and clear, and I felt so alive. I returned refreshed and renewed, ready to awaken each day to whatever life has in store for me, looking forward in love and joy!

“Like it or not, at times we all reach a point of stagnation in our lives, when we can’t seem to go forward or backward. This can be the death of us, whether of our hope, our health, our faith or our relationships. In such situations we often cannot see the need for change in ourselves, or we cannot see the way of making it happen. We look outside of ourselves for an answer, even just a subtle push. The springtime is nature’s season for giving that subtle push, though our personal season of renewal can come at any time, in any month of the year.

Spring has been the harbinger of changes to come since before mankind walked this Earth. It has been worshipped as sacred, as the time of the new dawn, by countless cultures and religions, both ancient and modern. It is worth pausing to reflect on this time of renewal while it is happening around you. Let spring fill you up with hope, for spring is an energy which never looks back or allows regrets. Spring is the looking forward, the building up, and it is filled with optimism and promise.”

(Shared by a colleague; author unknown)

What is calling you this Spring? Where does your energy want you to go? Pay attention to the signs and follow them. Let yourself go…and enjoy the ride.
May you find success this Spring!