“Our son graduated with a Master’s Degree in Research Psychology on Friday, May 6, 2022!  We fondly remember his journey started with you!  We are forever grateful and want you to know what a difference you made in his life.  Your acts of kindness started him on this amazing journey in his career and life.  We look forward to him finding a job he likes, and know he’ll get there.” — K. Phillips, Acton, MA

“Clare has given me full support in encouraging me to set goals and follow through with them. She is sincere, has genuine warmth, acute listening skills, and the ability to understand and clarify what is important in helping me achieve my goals. Clare has given me the wings to move forward and help me determine how to create a life that is best for me.”  — L.V. Westford, MA

“I really found your course extremely helpful…now I’m ready to move on and take action regarding my goals. I want to thank you for all your assistance in leading me to the correct path. You have been a tremendous help. I hope to take some of your other courses in the future. I will be very happy to recommend your course to others. You are very gifted at what you do!”  — M.A.W., Acton, MA

“When my situation forced me to rethink what I should do for work, I was at a bewildering crossroads in my career. Clare provided a systematic and supportive process to re-examine my skills and interests and distill out where best to put my energies. The whole experience validated a return to a former career in high tech with high confidence that I had not overlooked an important opportunity and high confidence that I was following a smart strategy. In short, Clare helped me choose a good direction and attack it effectively. I’m now working full time in a gratifying position.”  — R.L., Acton, MA

“Clare’s “deep dive” process in her “Finding A Job You Really Want” class, provided the foundation for me to really think about where I’d see myself happiest in a work environment. Her thorough “inside-out” approach to the job search really worked for me! She inspired me to be patient and wait for clarity on what I really wanted. In my case, I was winding “down” my career path and was in a situation where I was able to hold out for my happy ending, even in these challenging times. I have secured a long-term position that combines my core strength of working with data, with an industry change from corporate finance to health care, working on disability claims within a well-known insurance company. Many thanks to Clare for her exceptional expertise and personal style of coaching!”  –– S.W., Clinton, MA

“When I started working with Clare, I was overwhelmed and unhappy both personally and professionally. I was taking care of everyone around me and not myself; I had grown resentful of the organizational strengths that I felt had forced me to take on more and more burdens. Through assessments and thoughtful conversations, Clare helped me see that it was ME who allowed myself to take on more and more responsibility, not my ability to organize and produce results. I was in charge of me; I could decide to take on tasks or not. Seems simple, but for me it was profound. Working with Clare, I became grateful for my skills and started thinking about how I could use them to bring happiness and joy into my life. I began to assess opportunities more thoughtfully and either accept, delegate or simply decline and it has been exhilarating and freeing. Doing so has allowed me to craft a life I love pursuing things I’ve always wanted to do! Clare’s coaching and insights helped me honor myself and value my strengths! Life is lighter now. ☺️”  — M.M., Nonprofit Organization Management Professional, Littleton, MA

“Clare Harlow’s class “Finding a Job You Really Want” and her follow-up coaching helped me discover the occupations that were a right match for me. After I was laid off, Clare was instrumental in helping me understand what really made me happy. She gave me the courage to go down a new path, working with crafts and teaching. I highly recommend her course and coaching to anyone who wants to pursue a job that is complementary with their personality, strengths, and situation.”  — O.M.Y., Systems Engineer in transition, Maynard, MA

“In 2007, I attended a six-week career workshop with Clare. The workshop included a number of career and personality tests to help students determine which careers we were best suited for, but it was Clare’s insight that put me on my current career path. At Clare’s suggestion, I registered for a graphic design certificate program–something that I would not have considered if not for her. I enjoyed the program so much that I’ve since become a full-time graphic and web design student in preparation for a career change. I owe a great deal of thanks to Clare for having the acumen to help me leave an unsatisfying job for something that I truly enjoy doing each day.”  — T.H., Web marketing strategist | Content strategy | Search strategy | Web writing and editing

“I have taken two group classes with Clare. I was at a dead end with my career search. I heard Clare talk at a job networking group and was thoroughly impressed so I took her 5 week Career course, Finding Work that Fits. She started out by conducting a DISC personality profile for each of us. It turned out to be one of the most valuable exercises I have ever done. She has many helpful handouts and techniques, such as writing and organizing your life stories, which were valuable. I have used these life stories during several interviews and found them very effective in providing succinct examples of problem solving.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed Clare’s Career class and Job Coaching Group and the individual coaching she provides in both. They have further developed my self- awareness and given me an absolute edge in my job search. I give her my highest recommendation. You won’t be disappointed using her services.”  — C.M. Owner at Milhans Training, LLC, Leominster, MA

“Clare is compassionate, patient, super smart, and dedicated to helping you find and fulfill your career direction. I was not an easy client. I had lots of different directions and ideas, and lots of personal stuff going on. Clare was skilled at keeping me focused and balanced, offering just the right blend of support and direction. Her commitment to making my professional life work created an infectious energy. That, plus the tools and techniques she used, really ignited my career. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Clare.”  — S.C., Owner – wholehearted yoga, Acton, MA

“Discovering your fit when it comes to work and workplace can be an elusive journey. Having spent a number of years in high-tech, I began seeking something more, something meaningful and purposeful. However, I needed guidance and focus to help me get there. This is where Clare’s career coaching expertise came in. She provided the necessary tools and direction which enabled me to identify my personality traits and proven skills. Exercises such as the DISC and MBTI methods, just to name a couple, helped identify personal attributes about myself and, with those results, it focused my attention on areas of work I may not have considered previously. I am happy to say that soon after working with Clare, I landed a supervisory position with a senior care community near my home. I find the work to be extremely purposeful and challenging within an industry that provides the potential for growth in many areas. Clare’s easy going, approachable personality, and positive teaching style helps her connect with students and she makes the material relevant to each of us individually. Her background and extensive experience working with clients and organizations makes her an effective career and life coach. There would be no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Clare for those seeking ways to explore other fulfilling possibilities, whether professionally or personally.”   –– V.H., Head of Transportation at the Commons in Lincoln, MA

“Having Clare as my coach gave me confidence to move my career forward. I had been tying myself up in knots, overthinking and worrying about where I had been and where I was going. Thanks to working with Clare, I feel confident about who I am and pursuing my dream job. Her coaching has helped me to identify and organize my thoughts in a way that I could not have done on my own. She’s a great listener and cheerleader who provided me positive support when I needed it most. Now I’m radiating positive energy and good things are happening that will take me where I want to go.”  — D.F., Executive and Entrepreneur, Tewksbury, MA 

“Clare is a wonderful career and life coach who is authentic, encouraging, truly understanding, and committed to the success of her clients. Clare helped me gain the strength and confidence needed to take the risk of starting my own business and supported me both emotionally and professionally throughout the process during the ups and downs. On top of all of this, Clare made me feel good about my personal strengths and proud of my unique talents. I’m thrilled to have built a relationship with Clare as my coach and look forward to working with her in the future.”  — M.D., Entrepreneur, Business Development

“When I met Clare I was very unclear about how my interests and skills would translate into work that would support me. With other coaches, I felt the agenda was more theirs than mine. It was different with Clare. Her uplifting approach was both personal and professional. She respected and supported my process, free of judgement, and patiently introduced fresh ideas for me to consider, try on, and use or discard as I saw fit. She provided the tools, the time, and the foundation I needed to evolve my own authentic path, and held fast to her belief that we are all happiest when we are true to ourselves.

My vision board still hangs in my kitchen, a testimonial to my journey. I was completely distraught when I did it, telling Clare. “I have no idea what I want!!!” Choosing pictures and words that resonated on some level, I created a visual representation of what was most important to me. I’m now a proud and very happy small business owner and I can say without hesitation that my work with Clare was an important part of what got me here. Thank you, Clare!”   — C.S., Owner/Operator, Acton Critter Sitters

“After several years of full-time permanent positions, temporary assignments, and time spent caring for aging parents, I was looking for a job that would be fulfilling and give me better work/life balance. After initially meeting Clare through a presentation she gave to the Westford Job Seekers group, I decided she was someone who could help me achieve that. Through her initial DiSC assessment and analysis, Vision Board workshop, and one-on-one coaching, Clare helped me discover what I truly wanted and needed to achieve happiness in my next chapter of employment. With each step of the job search, through good and bad, she provided the right amount of push and encouragement necessary for me to secure that new job and start that new chapter.

In addition to giving practical job-seeking advice and results-based assignments to keep me productive and motivated, she asked the hard questions that forced me to look deep within myself and listen to my inner voice. She was not only a caring, attentive listener, but she was adept at reading my facial expressions and body language, getting the whole picture. She would then relay her perceptions back to me and either confirm (or uncover) what I was trying to communicate. She helped me amplify and give value to what I really wanted in my work life rather than let someone else’s wants and beliefs steer me in the wrong direction.

Thank you, Clare, for believing in me and helping me along the journey to find my next job.” — D.J., Administrative and Editorial Specialist