If Not Now, Then When?

“…There is no tomorrow, only a string of todays.”
Mark Nepo, Poet, Philosopher, Author, Cancer Survivor

It’s easy to get caught up in the future. We’re taught to dream and plan…always going somewhere, searching for happiness, setting goals, living the “have, do, be life”- if I have more, I can do more and then I’ll be more. We have to work out our problems, finish our to-do lists, fix ourselves, pay the bills, save for retirement, realize our potential…and of course, we’re never done! It’s the idea that the future holds everything that matters; it’s where happiness lies… Some day I’ll be happy and free…but not yet, not here, not now.

So we race and rush and we fix and strive and we wait… We wait for those ‘better’ moments, the next thing to happen, we keep dreaming forward… And in the waiting we overlook the fact that our life is happening, now…moment by moment…too often passing us by only half noticed.

When we’re always striving to get somewhere and have something else, we never fully arrive where we are, right here, right now, in this present moment…It’s as if we forget that life is not the future, or past, but now.

Dancing With The Flow…
How can we live each day as if it really matters?

Melli O’Brien says we should practice “Non-waiting” which doesn’t mean we should give up our dreams but rather bring our primary focus to how we meet each moment as it occurs and engage fully in the journey instead of waiting to arrive at our destination.

She says, “When we learn to stop leaning into the next experience – wanting and waiting for a particular outcome, we are finally free to know and experience life and this moment fully…Non-waiting allows us to show up and participate fully in the unfolding of our precious lives while we have them to live.”

Life happens…there will always be problems to solve, things to do, people to help; there’s always more to do! Mark Nepo says, “How often do we all rehearse this moment, putting off love, truth, joy, and even God, citing our many “Yes, buts” to ourselves, when all we have to do – hard and simple as it is – is to drop everything and Come Now.”

If we can dance with the flow, be present in each moment, not get stuck in what might be, and just enjoy the ride…then hopefully we’ll see the life we’re living, reap the rewards each day brings, and be grateful to be living in the Now.

Invitation to If Not Now, When? Meditation

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