This Is The Future Of Work…


I’ve been involved with ICT for several years now as a Career and Life Coach and want to spread the word to all job seekers so that more people can benefit from these programs…Please share this with others…


Are you trying to manage a job search on your own?
Join us for the next ICT Collaboratory.

The “Future of Work” is…NOW. We get it! Precarious income and frequent transitions are the new normal.

The Institute for Career Transitions’ Collaboratory is a structured intense 12-week program designed to help you effectively navigate your job transition and promote a renewed sense of well-being allowing you to show up at your best.

A job search is an intense and often lengthy process. As the search goes on, energy and commitment can wane and we can become more isolated. The ICT Collaboratory will help you focus your efforts and effectively navigate your “work in-between work.”

My ability to talk about what it is that I do and want to do and where I could do it…being open flexible and agile really is what the Collaboratory has provided me.”

“The Collaboratory has helped make a massive difference in my sense of well-being.”

“It really has shifted my thinking about how you make money or how you survive in this new work landscape.”

As part of the Collaboratory, you will contribute your skills as part of a small select team of professionals committed to each other’s professional development and success. Your team meets three mornings a week – an intense schedule to allow the formation of a strong and resilient team to tackle the technical and adaptive challenges of managing your career. Challenges such as:

  • Reconnecting with your strengths
  • Focusing your job search
  • Strategies for generating short-term and long-term income
  • Building your productivity team
  • Crafting your message (LinkedIn, resume, cover letters)
  • Improving your productivity, decision making, and accountability

If you are a professional in or thinking about a job transition, the ICT Collaboratory’s approach will empower and revitalize your job search as you continue to build your network of people committed to your success.

We are interviewing for our next cohorts. Each cohort is limited to 10 talented professionals. Selected candidates are asked to participate in research surveys, interviews, issue discussions, and well-being benchmarking.

Requirements: 1) actively looking for work; 2) three-month on-site commitment. Cohorts start with a 2-day weekend orientation, followed by a regular work schedule – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am-12:30pm.

Danvers cohort starts April 14; Brighton starts May 5.

Program fees include facilitated work sessions, professional coaching, and a full membership at the Staples Workbar co-working location. To learn more or to schedule your pre-registration interview, contact:  

Deborah Burkholder, ICT Executive Director,

The Institute for Career Transitions, a 501c3 non-profit, researches the impact of the changing nature of work on individuals and society. We appreciate Workbar and the Staples Corporation support in making this program possible.