What Matters Most to You?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver


It’s easy to be complacent; it’s comfortable.  But here’s the deal: we have limited time to create the life we really want. So ask yourself: How did you get here? Does what you’re doing now align with your true purpose and who you say you are? Do you feel like there’s more you’d like to do to live more fully? What do want to do next?

It’s time to act…it’s time to celebrate your true nature- who you are and what really matters to you most. Be a “wayfinder” and chart a new course for yourself.

Are there areas that feel out of sync with what matters to you? What can do do to experience more joy and alignment with your true self?  Start where you are today by taking small daily steps to help you move towards your goals and try using these four tools:

  • Reflection– Practice self-awareness; take time to think about what you really want
  • Exploration– Explore new possibilities; step outside your comfort zone
  • Choice– Choose something you want that will bring you joy
  • Action– Take a step towards your goal or dream

As you move forward, be prepared to overcome obstacles like fear, worries, emotions, inertia, or analysis paralysis…any or all of these could try to keep you in your comfort zone. Identify your support system- who will be your cheerleader?

Sometimes we lose sight of our vision and we feel like giving up if the going gets tough.  As a coach, that’s where I can help. My passion is to help my clients clarify their vision and hold on to it as it evolves, even if they lose sight of it or themselves along the path…

If you’d like some guidance, I invite you to join my Inspired Action Coaching Group or take my Vision Board Workshop or both! Details for both can be found on my website.

There are so many possibilities to imagine…what are you planning to do with your one wild and precious life? I can’t wait to hear…

Wishing you much joy and success!